Project Description

Scotties-Junction-Red-Dog-CAHello!   The story of Scotties Junction was a complete success story.  It started over twenty five years ago when we bought this unique mining property full of history.  I wanted to do something unique.  Len Stevens heard my dream and made it happen.  The house was designed from a RIO GRAND WESTERN RAILROAD depot in ANTONITO, COLORADO.  Having bought a nice 1940 SOUTHERN PACIFIC caboose in 1990, I planned on building a unique railroad and mining house revolving around the caboose.  With a unique fifty thousand plus lb quartz mining rock from a mine in Grass Valley, CA. we built the house around it and a smaller piece.  I believe it was Lens unique ability of vision and patience that made it all happen. From design changes to cost management the choices he made was able to save me a bundle without sacrifice to quality.  To the custom designed square set mining head frame, custom milled wood, and the mine tunnel he was able to get the job done and under estimate.  Special care was done to the design of many special features that make this home very so unique.  Len never complained when I changed ideas or added ”BELLS AND WHISTLES” to the house.  With all the thirty or so unique features and custom ideas placed in and around the house and implementation, Len Stevens and his crew are tops in my view and are a blessing to the local community.  I firmly believe that if I had asked Len to build this house on the moon…….he would do so if he could get the materials up there!!  Thanks Len Stevens Construction for making SCOTTIES JUNCTION a REALITY!!!!!

The Main House

The Guest House