As a construction company serving Nevada County, we have had the pleasure to make many of our customers dreams come true over the years. Some of the customers have shared their stories on our services and we are sharing them with you.

In 2006 We purchased our property in the foothills East of Nevada City. We began the search for a General Contractor to build our new home on that property. After a lengthy search, we settled on Len Stevens Construction, Inc. Little did I know at the time, but that would be one of the best decisions we made in the process. Len gave us invaluable help all the way through the home design, land clearing, and infrastructure installation and we’d not even inked a deal with him yet. He gave us references from all his previous customers and every single one was a strong advocate for his services. We inked the deal in late 2006 and construction began in early 2007. From that point on, either his employees or his sub-contractors were on the job, every day, rain or shine until the job was done. Len’s crews are true professionals. Their work far exceeded my expectations on precision and quality. Throughout the entire building process and even today, Len showed that his primary objective is customer satisfaction. Len will immediately address any concern the owner has and resolve it completely to his/her satisfaction. What’s even more important to me is that Len unconditionally stands behind his work. We’ve had some follow on requirements after the home was completed and Len completely and immediately resolved them, even years after we moved in, at his expense. Len’s  exceptional business ethics, commitment to customer satisfaction, and construction excellence traits are the finest I’ve ever seen in the construction trades.

Still not convinced? Ask Len for my contact information and I’ll proudly show you the home he built for us.

Tom Engleman

Six Years After and We Are More Pleased than Ever…

Before a trusted friend introduced us to Len Stevens, our project to renovate/add on to our Lake Wildwood home had been a disaster. When Len saw the mess another contractor had made, he committed to make it right, and he did.

Len and his team maximized the value of every dollar spent; and Len provided a level of communication and financial transparency that gave us continual insight and control of the project. The trust that Len had built with suppliers and subcontractors made it possible for us to complete the project on schedule and on budget.

Len’s knowledge, expertise and guidance helped us make good, timely decisions; and his personal availability at all times insured our comfort throughout the process. His commitment and dedication, as well as the professionalism of his team, resulted in relationships such that we count them all as valued friends.

We were delighted with our home when it was finished. But we were blown away when Len said, “If you need anything, or if anything goes wrong, call me and I’ll take care of it. I stand behind my work.”

Earlier this year we called Len, this time to add a garage/workshop. We wanted it to “fit” perfectly with our home. It does! The price was reasonable, and the build-out was extraordinary. In short, it was another Len Stevens Construction quality job!

We recommend Len Stevens Construction to you without qualification, and we would gladly share details of our experience firsthand. Please feel free to call.

Jerry & Marjorie O’Kane

We chose Len Stevens to build our home because, not only did he seem the most knowledgeable, he made a commitment to us that he would stand by his work. Even three years after completion, he is still ready and willing to address and help with any issues we have.  Over the life of the project, Len showed expertise in every aspect of construction.  Our project was complex, and Len’s attention to detail and demands for perfection from his crew were evident.  His personal involvement resulted in a home that exceeded our expectations and provided us with a positive experience.

Susan and George Hervey

My wife and I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Len Stevens over the past 2 years. Our goal was to buy a home in a great location and rebuilt it to make it our perfect dream home. Len did just that, and he was with us, every step of the way, from concept to creation.

When we were ready to begin with our project we started asking realtors and neighbors, for recommendations for local contractors with impeccable reputations. Len, and LSCI kept coming up as one of the best. We contacted Len, set up an appointment, met and shared with him, what seemed to be an endless list of needs, wants and wishes for our dream home on the lake and Len listened to us for hours.

Len recommended a local designer, to draw up our plans, due to the size and amount of detail our remodel required. We met, and were very impressed with his recommendation, and after our meeting, we hired her to join our remodel team and the project commenced.

When she finished the plans we put the project out to bid. We talked to and received several bids from other contractors, even though Len and LSCI were not the cheapest bid, but he was the best bid. Len’s bid was much more complete. He thought things out in detail so that there would not be any surprises down the road.

Once we decided to have Len build our dream home for us, he was there every step of the way. Len worked hard putting in a tremendous amount of thought, time and detail on our project. He saw it through and did not miss a beat, as he kept in constant communication with us. He asked questions of us, so he could fully understand what we wanted and expected and he came through every single time. When my wife and I drove up from the Bay Area to check out the progress on our home, he was there to meet with us, even on Sundays.

As our home developed, we wanted to make some changes to some of the details on the blueprints, Len, was happy to oblige and gave us suggestions and options on how to make the changes meet our expectations. It was Len’s positive response and ability to make the changes that played a huge part for us. He completed our project on time and did not beat us up with change orders, even though we made quite a few.

In my lifetime, I have built 9 major projects, 6 commercial and 3 residential, and I consider Len and LSCI, one of the best contractors, if not the best, that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Should you choose to use Len and LSCI you will not be disappointed.

Jeff Erb