Over the years, we have built homes with a wide range of square footage and floor plan designs. No matter the size, our clients dream of homes with style, unique architectural details, unsurpassed quality, and an easy building experience. From estate mansions and executive homes to casual, country living, we provide our clients with quality design and a positive, professional building reputation that is second to none. We enjoy working with your chosen architect and designer, whether our internal team or an external professional, to create your perfect home.

We also work with clients who already have a home, but wish to upgrade it to suit their needs. From adding more rooms and structures to customizing an existing space, we work with our clients to remodel their homes to reflect their 21st century lifestyle.

We invite you to learn more about our company. Please view our gallery of homes and current projects, and do not hesitate to contact us. We are always interested in hearing from you.

Our Team

Len Stevens Construction is proud of our team approach to remodeling and new home construction. In our experience, having a knowledgeable and efficient support group is the smoothest manner in which to build a home that our clients truly enjoy.

We emphasize quality of service and the product provided. Due to our excellent staff and well-honed building process, we are able to expedite all of our products. We work hard to ensure that our clients will not only have a beautiful home, but a wonderful friendship with our team that will last a lifetime. Clients know that we will be available to listen to their requests, answer questions, and help in any way we can, far beyond the completion of their project.

 Our In-House Professionals

Our team of professionals consists of designers, project managers, superintendents and a complete support staff. Our educated, experienced home and interior designers work closely with the homeowner to create a uniquely styled residence. Whether you come to us with completed plans, or wish to start at the very beginning, we can offer you expert advice throughout the building or remodeling process. Our construction project managers and superintendents are onsite daily to coordinate tight schedules and ensure an efficient, quality home building process. After the home is completed, we offer additional design and decorating services as our clients’ needs arise.

Our Partners

Throughout the years, we have acquired a crew of highly accredited, reputable subcontractors. Each are experts in their field and are selected for their superior quality of craftsmanship and service. We consider our subcontractors an integral component of our home building and remodeling team, working together to maintain the high level of quality and the latest technology at competitive pricing, which we have become known for.

Our clients truly appreciate this specialized team approach, which allows them to experience a building process that is handled professionally from beginning to end, and free from the headaches and hassles associated with many home construction projects.